Assurance Services

Dependable, accurate financials are essential for quality decision-making. At Dopkins & Company, we offer a full range of assurance services that can help improve your financial accuracy. From financial report preparation and audits of historical financial statements to preparation of an array of special attestation reports—we can help translate numbers into accurate management information so you can make knowledgeable decisions.

Audit Services

With a focus that’s specific to your business and industry, our audit plan is tailored to your particular operation and reporting requirements. So whether you’re seeking additional capital, better terms from your banker, courting investors or just looking for ways to improve operations, you’ll have information you can depend on to make educated decisions.Your time is valuable and we recognize that an audit can disrupt your normal work environment. That’s why our audit plans are developed with efficiency and relevance as top priorities. We use IDEA, a data extraction software, to perform detailed analysis on financial statement areas such as inventory and accounts receivable. The latest in computer assisted audit techniques allows our staff to access information, identify trends and make comparisons that are not possible manually.  This means audit procedures are completed quickly and with less disruption to your operations.

Skilled Advisors

Dopkins’ knowledgeable advisors can provide you with the independent financial verification you need to make informed business decisions. Our team will deliver unbiased, objective feedback. Continuity of staff is an essential element for quality audit service, and with our low turnover, you can look forward to dealing with the same team members year after year.

We are committed to providing you with the industry expertise necessary to help your business succeed.  Our professionals are trained in specific industries, so your audit team will be staffed with specialized individuals who best know the challenges and opportunities unique to your particular industry. Their insight and experience will help them respond quickly to your needs with innovative solutions.

Other Assurance Services

We offer a wide array of other services that can help you manage your company more effectively. In addition to audits, other assurance services include:

  • Reviews
  • Compilations
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Agreed upon procedures

For more information, please contact Bart McGloin CPA, CFE, CFF at

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