Internal Audit

Leveraging resources to bring value to key stakeholders.

Protecting the Company

Companies need to remain focused on their core competencies to fulfill the company’s mission while the importance of developing an ongoing process to monitor financial, operational, and compliance controls continues to rise. Dopkins & Company offers internal audit services to help you, your board of directors, management team, and other stakeholders provide the oversight needed to design and deploy an effective, efficient and risk based Internal Audit function.

The Problem

Companies are seeking to establish and improve Internal Audit to bring value to key stakeholders in an efficient and risk based manner.  The challenge is leveraging resources, technology, and human capital to return value while responding to a rapidly changing business environment.

Our Solution

Focus on Value-Add

Dopkins Internal Audit Services deliver value by focusing on the following:

  • Utilize a top-down, strategic, approach
  • Integrate risk assessments
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Leverage data mining and data analytics
  • Integrate “best-in-class” methodologies and tools from prominent sources (COSO, IIA, etc.)

Customized Solutions Based on Experience

Creating an effective internal audit function requires employing professionals with diverse knowledge and skills. Whether you choose to maintain this expertise internally or through an outsourced/co-sourced resource like Dopkins, it’s vital to understand both internal and external risk factors. We staff highly trained professionals and possess the methodologies and technology to provide quality internal audit and consulting services for your company. So you can benefit from a high quality internal audit service without investing in people, training, and technology unrelated to your core business processes.

Who Needs These Services?

Both public and non-publicly owned companies are finding value in the use of an internal control framework such as the COSO framework to assess their internal control environments. Our knowledge and experience with internal audit best practices can assist your organization in finding the right fit.

Benefit To Our Clients

Our focus on designing Internal Audit to add value yields an efficient and effective risk-based audit plan and consulting projects.  Our service can be designed to help you better protect your assets, prevent loss, ensure compliance with regulatory bodies, maintain internal controls, and prevent fraud. Our services can help you:

  • Better manage risks and control costs;
  • Understand what is currently being done to manage risks and provide recommendations, if necessary, to improve processes;
  • Leverage in-house resources more effectively;
  • Identify emerging risks earlier; and
  • Provide better quality information to management, board of directors, and other interested parties for better governance.
  • Utilize data mining and analytical methods to optimize the internal audit process in a cost-efficient and highly effective manner.
  • Validate processes and controls impacted by Information Technology are working as expected

Questions for You

  1. Do stakeholders believe your Internal Audit function is efficient, effective, risk based, leverages technology and adds value?
  2. Have you recently compared your Internal Audit processes to industry best practices?
  3. Have you considered the benefits of co-sourcing and to what extent it can improve your Internal Audit process?
  4. Are you considering creating an Internal Audit function but aren’t sure where to start or if you are “large enough” to justify the initiative?


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