Employee Benefit Plan Co-Sourcing

Services to help management remain compliant, while focusing on operational goals.


Nearly all organizations operate in the ever-changing, highly regulated employee benefit plan space. With a focus on core competencies to fulfill the organization’s mission, in many instances, management is unaware of the best practices in meeting the compliance and reporting burdens placed upon plan administration by the Department of Labor or Internal Revenue Service. Oftentimes, management does not have a dedicated person keeping up on these ever-changing responsibilities, which has financial, reputational and legal risk associated with non-compliance.


>> With co-sourced employee benefit plan services created with the needs of your business in mind, our solutions can be defined in many ways, including:

  • Financial statement preparation services.
  • Report reconciliations to the financial statements.
  • Employee benefit plan activity reconciliations to third party administrator reports
    and the financial statements.
  • Audit support and audit integration with your audit firm.
  • Advisory services on industry developments and new accounting pronouncements.
  • Form 5500 preparation and/or review.
  • Form 990-T preparation and/or review.
  • Identification and/or remediation of operational defects, prohibited transactions or other matters of non-compliance with regulations.
  • Benchmarking, performance and/or plan comparison to market.
  • Plan document review.
  • Request for proposal coordination.


Any organization which sponsors one or more employee benefit plans subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) would benefit from co-sourcing certain functions with Dopkins to aid in meeting the compliance responsibilities of plan management.


  • Do you have the proper expertise at your organization to stay current on the requirements of ERISA?
  • Do you have the proper expertise at your organization to stay current on the financial reporting requirements for employee benefit plans under accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America?
  • Have your filings with regulators been completed as effectively and efficiently as possible in recent years? Do you feel that you or your employees spend too much of your time completing these tasks, distracting you from your core functions needed to fulfill your organization’s mission?


  • Our professionals stay current on emerging issues and new accounting pronouncements ensuring that our clients stay abreast to the latest changes in employee benefit plans.
  • A wholistic approach to managing the audit and preparation of the financial statements allows for a smooth process and a timely, accurate and complete Form 5500 filing.
  • Leveraging of technology to do in-depth analyses of employee benefit plan data obtained from third party administrators.
  • Our professionals also stay current on market trends in investment performance, allowing for analyses of your plan options and performance compared to other similar plans.

For a copy of our Employee Benefit Plan Co-Sourcing brochure, please click here.

For more information, please contact Andrew Reading, CPA at areading@dopkins.com.

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