Employee Benefit Plans

Regulators require employers to properly manage transactions, fund their plans at an appropriate level and keep their promise to employees.

Organizations with more than 100 employees are required to obtain an annual plan audit.

Today, regulators expect employers to properly handle transactions, maintain the health of the plan, continue funding the plan, and keep their promise to employees.

Read our Latest Employee Benefit Plans Update


  1. Changes to IRS Determination Letter Program
  2. Changes to Hardship Withdrawal Restrictions
  3. Delinquent Participant Contributions
  4. IRS Reopens Lump Sum Buyout Windows
  5. Expansion of the IRS Self-Correction Program
  6. Trends in EBP Litigation and EBP Fiduciary Best Practices
  7. New Auditing Standard for Employee Benefit Plans

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The Dopkins Employee Benefit Plan Team can provide a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Multi-Employer Plans
  • 11-K’s for Publicly Traded Companies
  • Health & Welfare Plans
  • SSAE 16 reviews
  • Analysis of Investment Performance
  • Assistance with Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) filings
  • Assistance with IRS and DOL Audits
  • Review of Compliance with the Plan Document, IRS, & DOL Regulations
  • Internal Control Reviews

One of the most critical issues in employee benefit plans is ensuring compliance between the DOL’s rules and regulations and your plan’s trust agreement. Dopkins advisors can perform internal control audits to ensure the policies and procedures currently in place are fully compliant.