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For many businesses, a key strategy is growth through targeted acquisitions. While such a strategy, when properly executed, can be an excellent way to grow profits and create new opportunities for owners and employees, it can also present challenges from a tax and financial reporting standpoint.

Key among those challenges is determining the values of acquired assets, such as customer lists, trademarks and employment agreements, which must be reported for both tax and financial reporting purposes. Valuation of these assets can be challenging, as every transaction is unique and there is often little market data that can be used as an indicator of value.

Our Solution

Dopkins & Company’s professionals are well-versed in the accounting and valuation guidelines that apply to business combinations for both tax and financial statement presentation purposes.

In an era of regulatory change and dynamic business models, financial reporting services must be equipped to handle complex business issues down to the smallest detail. Based on our knowledge of valuation processes and financial accounting, and on our experience with auditors and users of financial statements, our professionals are at the leading edge of development of analyses to assist with our clients’ impairment testing and to support their financial reporting.

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