Audit & Assurance

Accurate financials are essential for informed decision-making. We offer a full range of assurance services to improve your financial accuracy and performance.

Assurance Services

From financial report preparation and audits of historical financial statements to preparation of an array of special attestation reports—we can help translate numbers into accurate management information so you can make knowledgeable decisions.

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Employee Benefit Plans

The U. S. Department of Labor suggests that one of the most common reasons for poor audits is the provider's lack of employee benefit plan audit experience.

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Fraud Investigations

Our highly experienced team of forensic accountants are ready to help you recover assets and determining the root cause of the problem.

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Fraud Prevention Advisory Services

Identifying the conditions in which a fraudulent act can take place is the first step to prevention.

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Internal Audit

Cost-effective solutions to meet your internal audit needs.

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Litigation Support

In business litigation, it is often necessary for outside experts to study and report on the business issues involved.

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Process Management & Improvement

Aligning your activities with your strategic plan to the best way to take your business to the next level of success.

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Risk Assessment

Accurately assessing risk will guide you to improved performance, and greater profitability.

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Dopkins & Co. will guide your company to achieve compliance and realize the long-term benefits of SOX.

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