Business Exit Planning

Our team of “Exit Doers” is focused on designing and executing exit strategies unique to every business owner, independent of the outcome.

There is no one size fits all for transferring business ownership. The optimal business exit for some owners may be a sale to a strategic or financial buyer. For other owners, the optimal exit plan may be a family transfer, a management buyout, or through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). For still others, the optimal exit plan may involve staying and growing the business.

>> Our team of financial professionals are dedicated to crafting customized, concrete, written plans and delivering upon them through our comprehensive execution services.

Our Process

  • Identifying your Goals—We work closely to identify what you would most like to achieve from your exit strategy. We also work to learn about your optimal timeline to construct a plan tailored to your desires.
  • Measuring your Financial Readiness—Together, we assess your financial readiness for an exit by providing a business valuation, reviewing business expenses, analyzing personal financial statements, providing tax planning, reviewing estate plans, etc.
  • Measuring your Mental Readiness—A clear understanding of personal mental readiness is one of the most important aspects of successfully executing any exit strategy. We tailor exit strategies to meet the mental readiness of each business owner, whether you’re ready to exit or want to stay and grow the business.
  • Understanding your Exit Options—No two business owners are alike and no two business owners will have the same optimal exit plan. We work with you to understand the exit opportunity set so that you have a clearer view of what a successful exit means to you.
  • Understanding the Value of Your Exit—Your business value at the time of your exit is directly tied to the type of exit you choose. We work with you to provide a clear understanding of the value proposition tied to your optimal exit type to ensure it meets your strategy goals.
  • Implementing and Monitoring Your Exit—No matter what exit strategy is pursued, our team of financial professionals can take the lead on plan execution. Our execution capabilities include Accounting and Tax advisory, Business Valuation services, Investment Banking activities, and Wealth Management advisory.

Business Exit and Succession Services:

Exit Planning Services

  • Exit Plan Construction & Design Deliverables
  • Optimal Exit Options Analysis
  • Financial and Mental Readiness
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Business Transferability Analysis
  • Business Growth Strategic Planning
  • Preparatory Quality of Earnings (QofE) Analysis
  • Preparatory Due Diligence Analysis
  • Business Valuations
    • External (M&A) business transfers
    • Internal (Family, Gift, MBO) business transfers
    • Estate and Tax planning

Business Owner Tools

Do you have a formal plan for the transition of your privately held or family business? No matter the timeframe – next year or ten years from now, the journey begins here.

- Business Exit Readiness Index
- Growth Planning Index
- Owner Dependency Index

For more information or to schedule a complimentary appointment, please contact Thomas J. Emmerling, PhD, CFA®, CVA® at

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