Change Management

Succeeding in today’s competitive global marketplace requires a clear vision with aligned strategies, efficient processes, timely performance metrics and a culture of continuous improvement.

Success also requires a CPA firm serving as your trusted advisor that understands “the language of business” and can effectively bridge the unique internal management information needs to the external reporting requirements of GAAP.

We are keenly aware of the often cited “disconnect” between operations and accounting. In response, the Dopkins Change Management team has invested many years of experience in Six Sigma, Lean, Activity-Based Cost Management and other contemporary operations management tools. Through our work we have seen real results within our clients businesses.

Dopkins professionals are therefore uniquely equipped not only to help achieve your desired financial goals, but also operational results effectively strengthening the strategic value of your company into the future.

In addition to our traditional tax, assurance services and IT Systems & Consulting, your Dopkins Change Management team can also uniquely provide the following specialized services that are important to you and your industry:


Through a strategic relationship with a local world-class consulting group, we can provide your team Six Sigma training leading to green belt certification; a huge benefit in self-directing your own internal projects to success.


While GAAP financial statements are essential and required for external reporting, they often do not provide relevant information for management’s needs. Our team can assist you in preparing Lean-based reports that accurately reflect your operations.


Ensuring a clear vision supported by aligned goals and strategies is critical for success. An accountable action plan to effectively execute your strategy is equally as important.


Your team needs easy access to accurate and timely information. Unfortunately financial reports are released too late to be useful. Your team needs leading indicators that communicate issues in real time.


One of the most often overlooked areas to improve upon in a business is the front office (Sales, R&D, Finance, etc.). No matter how Lean the operations may be, throughput is constrained if the front office is not working efficiently.

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