Specialized Tax Consulting

Dopkins & Company goes far beyond tax compliance offering your company a suite of specialized tax consulting services.

As your business evolves, so do your tax needs. You deserve a CPA firm that offers more than just tax preparation and compliance. Dopkins & Company offers a number of specialized tax consulting services to help your company take advantage of every opportunity to reduce or defer taxes. Our services are delivered by professionals who understand your industry and market—whether that’s local, regional, national, or international, and can assist with your current and future tax needs. Some of our specialized services include:

Services Designed to Fit Your Business

From rising fees to staffing issues, there are a number of reasons companies are looking to regional firms like Dopkins for their non-attest needs. Maybe regulatory requirements or your board of directors have you looking to find a secondary provider for your internal control and tax compliance services. Or, maybe you’re looking for competent, cost effective service from well-qualified professionals who care about the success of your company. Let our professionals show you the service difference you deserve.

Services for Canadian Companies

U.S. taxes are not just another cost of doing business. Canadian companies operating in the U.S. have a special set of tax needs. Our experts can help you understand and comply with the rules that apply to you, while minimizing your U.S. tax burden.

State and Local Tax Services

Companies who operate in multiple states know the rewards and risks associated with doing business across state lines. But keeping up with the various states’ rules isn’t easy. And any time your business or markets change, your company’s tax situation can change. Let our professionals help minimize current liabilities, determine compliance requirements, and even represent your business with state authorities if needed.

For more information, contact Albert A. Nigro, CPA, CVA at anigro@dopkins.com or Gregory J. Urban, CPA, CVA at gurban@dopkins.com.


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