Risk Assessment Services

Accurately assessing risk will guide you to improved performance, and greater profitability.

A clear understanding of the risks confronting an organization is essential to the development of policies, processes and controls that serve to effectively address and mitigate those risks. The implementation of risk assessments has become commonplace in many industries and disciplines.

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The Problem

To maximize organizational performance and value creation, management needs to recognize the many potential risks including financial, reputation, environmental and operational, among others. With a focus on core competencies to fulfill the company’s mission, in many instances management teams are unaware of the best practices surrounding the completion of effective and efficient risk assessments.

Our Solution

Risk assessments can be made at many levels throughout an organization. Although risks can be examined from numerous sources, primary examples of our assessment services include review of strategic risks, operational risks, financial risks, transactional risks, quality risks, and others.

>> With Risk Assessment Services created with the needs of your business in mind, our solutions can be defined in many ways, including:

  • Internal controls review and assessments
  • IT risk assessment (information security)
  • Internal audit assistance
  • Strategic development and alignment
  • Business process
  • Risk diagnostic reviews
  • Due diligence services (transaction advisory)

Who Needs These Services?

Both public and non-publicly owned companies are finding value in establishing effective risk management techniques to add value to management and stakeholders.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Our process is designed to focus on key risk areas allowing for a much more cost-effective approach which can best be described as an integrated risk assessment.
  • An integrated approach to managing risks typically results in benefits including the ability to deliver improved performance, improved profitability, the achievement of strategic objectives, and a demonstrable enhanced value to management.

Questions for You

  1. Are you seeking to formalize your risk management processes to increase communication between management and stakeholders?
  2. Do you employ a top-down approach to identify objectives and risks?
  3. Does your risk assessment process employ data mining and analytical techniques to adequately support decision making?

For more information, please contact Bart McGloin CPA, CFE, CFF at bmcgloin@dopkins.com.


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