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In business litigation, it is often necessary for outside experts to study and report on the business issues involved.

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In business litigation, it is often necessary for outside experts to study and report on the business issues involved. Our litigation support specialists provide assistance during every stage of the litigation process from collecting and analyzing large volumes of information during pre-trial discovery to providing expert testimony during court trials and arbitration hearings.

Decades of Litigation Support Experience

Dopkins’ reputation for quality, integrity and reliability is vital to your litigation support engagement. We will work closely with you to quickly and effectively get up to speed on the facts or circumstances of your case. Our experience providing expert testimony in a courtroom or arbitration hearing means you can trust our ability to communicate our findings in a clear and understandable fashion to help ensure a favorable outcome for your client.

Customized Support for Your Unique Needs

We provide a wide range of litigation services, including those needed for pre-discovery and discovery, trial preparation, and expert testimony for the trial or arbitration hearing. Some of the specific ways we can assist you include:

Pre-discovery and Discovery

Evaluate the merits of a case prior to discovery

  • Identify potential sources of evidence and prepare detailed information requests
  • Evaluate documents and determine their relevance to the case
  • Prepare an independent calculation of damages or losses
  • Provide potential questions to be used in deposition hearings
  • Evaluate deposition testimony of opposing side and offer potential follow up questions
  • Prepare a comprehensive expert report that includes an evaluation of opposing expert information

Trial Preparation

Prepare exhibits to be used at trial

  • Evaluate opposing expert positions and provide potential cross-examination questions

At Trial or Arbitration Hearing

Provide expert witness testimony

  • Review and rebut of opposing expert testimony

Practice Areas

Many legal matters require the support of a qualified, experienced accounting professional. Our professionals are called upon to validate or quantify losses for many reasons including:

  • Assessment of damage calculations for business interruption claims and other insurance claims
  • Partner or contract disputes
  • Forensic investigations
  • Calculation and documenting preference payments in bankruptcy cases
  • Shareholder disputes

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