Forensic Services

Whether you are a company owner, investor, attorney or commercial lender, the threat and risks from fraud has undoubtedly crossed your mind. If you are suspicious of fraudulent activities or you would like to learn how to strengthen your team’s awareness, our team of Forensic experts are prepared to work collaboratively with you to help identify and provide solutions.

Our services can be tailored to maximize the value to your business or service need.  This is accomplished by our experienced advisors working collaboratively with you to understand your needs, business operations, industry, regulatory environment, objectives and strategies.  Our suite of services includes the following:

Fraud Investigations

Our highly experienced team of forensic accountants are ready to help you recover assets and determining the root cause of the problem.

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Litigation Support

In business litigation, it is often necessary for outside experts to study and report on the business issues involved.

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Business Valuations

Proactively obtaining an objective, professionally prepared valuation of your business can give you the flexibility to respond to change and take advantage of opportunities.

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Fraud Prevention Advisory Services

Identifying the conditions in which a fraudulent act can take place is the first step to prevention.

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Fraud Risk Management

A process to reduce the likelihood, duration and cost of a fraud.

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Fraud Prevention Working Session

Dopkins working session for senior management to discuss best practices to prevent fraud.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Proactive, focused security solutions specifically designed to protect your business

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Other Risk Advisory Services

Whether you are subject to regulations or are looking to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk management activities, our Risk Advisory Services can be tailored to add value to your business.

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For more information, please contact Bart McGloin CPA, CFE, CFF at

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