Dopkins will help your company achieve compliance and realize the long-term benefits of SOX.

As you know, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) introduced stringent new rules for corporate governance. The enactment of the requirements is proving more complex and time consuming than many financial officers expected, especially for small and mid-size companies who lack the resources to devote to SOX. Dopkins & Company’s experienced consultants can help!

SOX Experience You Can Rely On

Section 404 of SOX focuses on the internal control system itself by requiring an analysis of the documentation and implementation of the internal control over financial reporting at a company. With limited resources and changing deadlines, the Section 404 compliance process can seem overwhelming. The risk assessment consultants at Dopkins can take the burden off your already overworked staff. We have first-hand experience working with SOX requirements. Dopkins has already performed Section 404 compliance engagements and we can bring our experience and insight to your company and help the process go more smoothly.

Implement a Plan That Meets Compliance

From building a sound compliance plan to executing and then testing it, our consultants understand every step and will design an effective, customized plan that complies with Section 404 requirements. We understand the seriousness and complexity of compliance, and will help you get through the entire process, or just the pieces you need help with, efficiently and effectively. We will also be there to provide ongoing support and regular testing to ensure you remain in compliance.

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