Estate Planning

Undertaking a proactive estate planning process is essential to ensure your assets are transferred to your heirs or other areas of your choice.

Plan now for an effective estate transfer

Proactive estate planning is essential to ensure your assets are transferred to your heirs. Without proper planning, estate taxes and administration costs can leave little to pass on. Don’t leave your legacy to chance. Dopkins & Company’s experienced estate planners will help you create a plan that is the most beneficial for everyone involved.

Dedicated Team

Our professionals will work with you to review your current financial situation and gain a thorough understanding of your goals. Together we will analyze your information and determine the best strategy to create an estate plan you are comfortable with, while minimizing estate taxes and administrative costs.

We document your assets and layout a clear course of action for the immediate and distant futures.  Although we’ve worked with (hundreds) of plans, we know that to you only one plan is important—yours. We strive to build solid, trusted relationships with our clients to ensure you get the advice and service you deserve.

Seeing the Full Picture

Our estate planners will work with your attorney, insurance provider and any other advisors to ensure everything is in order.  It’s important to collaborate with you, as well as your other advisors, to get a complete financial picture. And, in the event your personal situation changes, or new tax laws are implemented, we will meet with you to monitor and review your plan.

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