Food and Agri-Business

Today's dinner tables looks very different than ever before. Fueled by the demand for unique dietary needs, consumers use technology to select what they eat.

The food and agribusiness segment have a massive economic, social, and environmental footprint with an industry value of over $5 trillion. The industry represents 10 percent of global consumer spending, 40 percent of employment, and 30 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions. Although sizable productivity improvements over the past 50 years have enabled an abundant food supply in many parts of the world, feeding the global population has reemerged as a critical issue. If current trends continue, by 2050, caloric demand will increase by 70 percent, and crop demand for human consumption and animal feed will increase by at least 100 percent.

Sensing an opportunity, strategic and financial investors are racing to capture value from technological innovation and discontinuities in food and agriculture. Since 2004, global investments in the food-and-agribusiness sector have grown threefold, to more than $100 billion according to McKinsey analysis. Food-and-agribusiness companies on average have demonstrated higher total returns to shareholders than many other sectors.

However, finding the right investment opportunity is not easy. Food-and-agribusiness investing requires a deep understanding of specific crops, geographies, and complex value chains that encompass production, processing, and retailing. Many of the relevant investment opportunities are in geographies unfamiliar to some investors, and their profitability rests not only on crop yields but also on how different parts of the value chain perform.

The Dopkins accounting team have extensive experience in this critically important industry and can help you assess the opportunities and ensure peak performance.

Dairy Industry and Cooperative Experience

Dairy is one of Dopkins most significant area of specialization. The firm serves dairy clients with annual revenues ranging from $10M+ to over $1B and collectively handle in excess of 6B pounds annually of raw conventional and organic milk.

The firm’s experience in the industry covers significant dairy product categories such as: bulk, fluid, cheese, culture, powder, evaporated, by-products and a vast array of specialty products where dairy is main ingredient.  Dopkins has extensive experience with branded products (global, national and regional) and private label sold as retail, food-service and wholesale.  Additionally, our firm is experienced with significant joint-venture agreements, co-manufacturing arrangements and similar collaborations between processors and producers.  We also provides various ongoing milk reporting services to producers and processors.

Services include:

  • Audit and other assurance matters
  • Accounting (GAAP) / Financial Reporting
  • Internal controls and fraud risk mitigation
  • Cybersecurity and information security
  • Change Management and Process Improvement
  • Transactional dairy services

o   Billing and collections

o   Vendor disbursements including payments to dairy producers

o   Inventory costing, reporting and analysis

o   Producer / Plant ticket accounting and reconciliation (milk balancing)

  • Merger and acquisition assistance
  • Review of co-manufacturing arrangements
  • Governmental dairy reporting
  • Specialized customer dairy reporting

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