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Dopkins recently participated in the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Rate Rationalization 2 day training program in Albany, NY sponsored by the Financial Management Association (FMA). We have provided a link to the CFR Extractor tool referenced at the program.

Click here to download the CFR Extractor file.

For more information, please contact Veronica Haight at

General Instructions for use (there are more detailed instructions within the excel file):

  1. Within the CFR Software under the Utility menu for both completed submissions (ex. 2017 vs 2016 CFR submissions) that are to be compared, select the “Export Data” function. This will export an access/mdb file that will be used when running the extractor tool. This needs to be done for both submissions.
  2. Open the extractor tool, this will open to an informational tab to explain the purpose of this tool and also detailed instructions on how to use the tool. Click Back to Program Page button at the top of the screen.
  3. There are two options for CFR schedule CFR-1 and 4, either to review a single year submission or to compare two years’ worth of data/CFRs. When utilizing the second button to compare two submissions, this windows explorer and you will need to navigate to where the files were exported in step one above. Select the older submission first, the new submission second and the file should populate.

Tips for Use:

  1. If the buttons are not working, most likely your security settings on the macros are set to high and these will need to be modified in order for the macros to run.
  2. If you receive a “Run time” error, this is most likely due to selecting the same year (2017 and 2017) twice, make sure that the files selected are two different submission years.
  3. The extractor matches based on the Site Key, Program Number/Site Code and Site Name, if any of this information changes year over year the extractor tool will not be able to match the programs side by side for the comparison. A simple pivot table on a separate tab can fix that issue.
  4. If there isn’t any Agency Administration (600 code payroll) payroll within the submission, as you may have a management company, an error will pop up when trying to run the tool for CFR-4. Because of how the macro was designed a 600 code needs to be present in each submission. Populate CFR-4 with 1 hour and 1 dollar and the tool will run without an error and go back later and delete this information. Remember when doing this the DCN will clear, so make a backup of each submission first prior to performing this step.
  5. Please make sure NOT to save any changes to the actual CFR Data Extractor tool as this may corrupt or change the file and it will no longer work as needed. Although you will need to save the excel files for CFR-1 and 4 when the tool creates these.

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