Read coverage of the Business First Executive Forum on cybersecurity with Bill Prohn

October 22, 2020 – William Prohn joined a virtual panel discussion for a conversation on strategies to prevent a cybersecurity attack.

Executive Forum: Data security and your company

By Annemarie Franczyk – Contributing writer

Protecting and securing the data of your business should be a top-down, organization-wide responsibility that is reinforced by consistent education and training.

Such an approach will help to prevent the hacks and breaches that increasingly are threatening the digital property of companies of every size, everywhere.

Three Buffalo-area experts discussed strategies to achieve cybersecurity during a recent virtual Executive Forum hosted by Business First Buffalo.

Panelists were:

• Jennifer Beckage, attorney and founder, Beckage law firm

• William Prohn, managing director, Dopkins & Co. LLC

• David Wolf, vice president, Just Solutions Inc.

While casting a pall over just about every industry, the pandemic produced an environment susceptible to cyberattacks, Prohn said.

People are worried about the economy and their health and those of their loved ones and that has created a lot of uncertainty. However, uncertainty creates one of the biggest cybersecurity threats there is, he said.


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