What’s it like to work at Dopkins? Hear firsthand from our Team

Christine Schmitt and Megan Gullo recently had a conversation about their on-the-job experience at Dopkins. From internship to full time hire, they discussed important onboarding questions including:

  • What’s the value of The Dopkins Internship?/What kind of experience did you have with the internship?
  • Thoughts about taking the CPA exam
  • How do you transition from the classroom to the office environment? Is there anyone to help?
  • Are you stuck in the office during the internship? Are you left alone in a cubicle?/What kind of client experience did you have?
  • Busy Season vs. Tax Season at Dopkins
  • How was moving from the internship to full time?
  • What does it feel like to come to work?


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