Must-Watch Cyber video for Department of Defense Contractors: Patrick Rost & William Prohn Provide an Overview of the CMMC

*** On 11/4/2021 the DoD approved changes to CMMC and released what is known as CMMC 2.0.  For more info on CMMC 2.0, click here. 

This recording will be updated shortly once more information is released and confirmed. ***

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Dopkins is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO) for companies doing business with the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

Watch Patrick Rost and William Prohn as they have a conversation about the CMMC and the actions businesses need to do now in order to continue to receive contracts from the DoD.

For more information, visit our CMMC page.

Contact:  Patrick Rost at or William Prohn at

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Program highlights:

  • What is CMMC? – 00:13
  • What does Cybersecurity Maturity mean? – 00:55
  • Where did the CMMC requirements come from? – 4:08
  • What topics does CMMC cover? – 6:32
  • Who does CMMC apply to? – 7:59
  • What is FCI and CUI? – 9:00
  • What is required from contractors to protect FCI/CUI? – 10:54
  • What do each of the CMMC levels represent? – 12:05
  • What are examples of practices? – 13:27
  • What is a process? – 14:30
  • What are the steps to get certified? – 16:29
  • Where can an organization get help preparing for certification? – 21:09
  • Where can an organization go to find a certifier? – 23:31
  • Final thoughts – 26:05

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