When it comes to Cyber Security, What you don’t know CAN hurt you

On Thursday, October 5th, Bill Prohn, Dopkins System Consultants Managing Director, served as a panelist at the Business First of Buffalo annual Executive Forum on Cyber Security. In a follow-up article, Bill provided key takeaways businesses should do immediately to help prevent their network from data breaches.

A recent (March 2017) report from the Pew Research Center reflects alarming statistics for businesses with respect to employee awareness of cybersecurity issues. The survey consisted of 13 questions designed to test Americans’ knowledge of a number of cybersecurity issues and terms, and found that a substantial majority of adults surveyed were only able to correctly answer two of the questions. While a 15% correct response rate may not bode well for individual internet usage for personal activities, it poses an even bigger threat to businesses when these same people bring their habits and lack of understanding into the work place. Click here to read more.

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