July is Ransomware Awareness Month: Free Resource Kit Available

Get the resources you need to help your organization and your users defend against ransomware.

In celebration of Ransomware Awareness Month, Dopkins is offering this free resource kit from our partner KnowBe4 to help you this month and beyond. Request your kit now to learn how ransomware has evolved, what new attack vectors you need to be prepared for, and our best advice on how to protect your organization.


Here is what you’ll get: 

  • Access to a free on-demand Ransomware Master Class webinar featuring Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist
  • Their most popular whitepaper: Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual and supplemental Attack Response and Prevention Checklists
  • A 7-minute video that explains The Evolution and Future of Ransomware
  • A new infographic on The Global Cost of Ransomware 
  • Posters and digital signage to remind users about what to watch out for

Get Your Free Ransomware Awareness Month Resource Kit Now!  Available for a limited time only!

Register for a Ransomware Awareness Kit

Questions? Contact Bart McGloin at bmcgloin@dopkins.com.


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