Joseph Heim on ABL’s Role in USAID Finance and Investment Network

Published December 17, 2020 – Dopkins is  member of the USAID Finance and Investment Network. In this interview, Joseph Heim discusses the benefits of working with the public sector and how he’s found a new sense of inspiration in collaborating with USAID.

USAID leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance.  INVEST, a USAID initiative, mobilizes private investment for development goals. It drives inclusive growth and sustainable development in emerging markets.

Voices from the USAID Finance and Investment Network: Dopkins & Company

By Carolanne Chanik, INVEST Communications Coordinator

After 65 years working in the accounting business and serving customers across North America and Europe, Dopkins recently tried its hand at something new: international development.

“Was it challenging to go beyond our experience in the U.S. and Canada to an international context? To some degree, yes, and to some degree, no,” says Heim discussing his first experience working with USAID, which was on an INVEST activity to increase access to finance for small businesses in Colombia. “Our partnership with RSM, the global accounting firm, and their presence in and across Colombia allowed us to overcome the gaps in knowledge we needed in our assessment of the Colombian context,” he says.

Asset-based lending, also known as moveable property lending, allows business owners to use their company’s moveable assets — equipment, vehicles, livestock, and inventory — as pledged collateral against a loan. It opens up opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, that struggle to get access to the financing they need to grow.

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