Ralph Jeswald and Sarah Hedges to present on Financial Managers Association of Rehab Agencies

On Wednesday, September 13th, Ralph Jeswald, CPA & Sarah Hedges, CPA will present Generational Diversity Awareness – A Key to Shaping Your Agency’s Future to members of the Financial Managers Association of Rehab Agencies.

Based on the best seller book by Hadyn Shaw entitled Sticking Points, this informative and fun presentation will help you not only understand the differences between the four generations working side-by-side within your agency, but how to leverage these differences  to  help shape your Agency’s future to be best prepared to deal with the emerging changes within the DD world.  Paritipants will learn about life events that helped shape how each generation approaches work, how they make decisions, and the source of some of their preferences. The session will also include examples of how to use a vetting method based on Shaw’s ideas in reconciling differences surrounding the 12 sticking points identified in the book.  Regardless if you are a member of the Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, GenX or the much discussed Millenial group, this presentation is a must to understand how to turn generational tensions into team results leading to succesful outcomes for those you serve!

Event details:

Wednesday, September 13th
11:00 AM

Dopkins & Company, LLP Learning Center
200 International Drive
Buffalo, NY 14221

For more information or to register, visit http://www.fmarehab.org/




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