QuickBooks Consulting, Training & Integration

Intuit's QuickBooks has evolved from simple record-keeping to a sophisticated business management program that can streamline your business process flow.

Dopkins QuickBooks Services

We’ve developed a collaborative and integrated service model that offers clients access to a team of QuickBooks experts to assist them in the management of their accounting software. Making the most of your software creates a strong foundation and maximizes the effectiveness of the software functionality allowing business owners to address many questions including:

  • Is the business making or losing money?
  • Are products being priced properly?
  • Are cash flows accurately and timely managed?
  • Are investors and bankers being provided with accurate information?
  • Is the business capturing all the information needed to be compliant with the taxing authorities?

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Our Solution

With a team of accredited QuickBooks Pro Advisors, we provide assistance to our clients with QuickBooks related projects including:

  • Installation and setup
  • Staff Training
  • Reporting
  • Day-to-day functions for the software
  • System Integrations, including:
    • Point of Sale System
    • Payroll Systems
    • Inventory Systems
    • Customization Based on Business Need

Benefits to You

  • Access to a team of QuickBooks Pro Advisors
  • Improved Financial Reporting capabilities
  • Improved cash flow analysis
  • Maximization of staff productivity
  • Improved quality, timing and accuracy of reporting to allow for more informed decision-making

Who Needs this Service?

  • Start-up companies
  • Middle market and high-growth companies
  • Businesses looking to leverage technology to improve productivity
  • Companies looking to Utilize QuickBooks to maximize growing their business

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