Free White Paper: How to Move Toward Rate Rationalization

Managed Care is changing how not-for-profits conduct business. But it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Change certainly has been constant, confusing and at times hard. And although the many changes mandated by the government have often been seemingly stalled . . . reimbursement reform is now real and likely here to stay! Pioneered by the OPWDD, there is a movement toward a generalist approach to services offered. Managed care. . . . The NEW world, can really only be successfully achieved through managed cost.

If you are expending significant energies trying to better manage costs without compromising care (or services), we invite you to explore MC2 Managed Care, Managed Cost . . . . our new strategy based on years of thought leadership designed to help you not only survive but prosper in this new world driven by rate rationalization that is as you know, currently underway.

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