Process Management & Improvement

Aligning your activities with your strategic plan to the best way to take your business to the next level of success.

We will help align your activities with your strategic objectives to take your business to the next level of success.

Most organizations face continuous challenges affecting profitability. But, getting at the real issues behind missed deadlines, process variability and bottlenecks, or underutilization of staff can be difficult. Dopkins & Company has been helping companies of all sizes overcome challenges and improve profitability.

About Performance Management & Improvement (PM&I)

PM&I is a multi-dimensional process based improvement methodology rooted in such disciplines as six sigma, lean, activity based management and performance measurement. These services provide results by identifying and offering solutions to the root causes of issues that prevent the alignment of day-to-day activity with your strategic objectives.

Benefits of PM&I

There are many benefits of using PM&I solutions to streamline your processes and improve efficiency.  Some specific benefits include:

  • Elimination of costly waste in organization processes;
  • Valuable resources focused on company goals will help you achieve your goals more consistently;
  • Comprehensive and balanced performance measures provides confidence in knowing where your company really stands;
  • Management reporting with relevance provides better decision making; and
  • Improved profits, cash flow and team motivation.

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