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Scrutiny won't uncover hidden risk unless it is combined with business experience and insight.

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Lending More Success is What Dopkins ABL Consulting Services Delivers!

We understand competition, consolidation and complex credit risks are key factors driving the need for securing and maintaining low risk, high quality loans in the Asset-Based Lending industry. We know the commercial lender shares the responsibility for the quality of an institution’s loan portfolio.

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Why Dopkins ABL Consulting Services?

We take our role as field examiners seriously. With licensed Certified Public Accountants at both the examiner and manager levels, our team of more than 25 full-time ABL specialists, gives you an independent and clear indication of the quality of your collateral. We

  • Offer access to an entire department of more than 25 full-time, experienced field examiners ready to evaluate and monitor the volatile nature of your borrower’s loan collateral.
  • Examine both formula and non-formula based credit facilities of single and/or multi- site borrowers.
  • Provide focused insight into the integrity of the loan collateral, internal controls and reporting, company management and overall operating performance.
  • Identify and highlight areas of collateral weakness, deterioration and/or abuse of loan collateral, the adequacy of the advance rates, the frequency of future examinations and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Maintain an on-going recruiting program to attract and retain experienced field examiners throughout North America.
  • Are large enough to provide the expertise that the field examinations need and small enough to respond with the personal attention.
  • Quote fair prices and low out-of-pocket expenses
  • Are responsiveness and flexible in turnaround and scheduling
  • Commit to providing prompt, and superior services

Uniquely Qualified

Scrutiny won’t uncover hidden risk unless it is combined with business experience and insight. Our technical qualifications are reinforced by our solid experience of successfully serving commercial finance companies, banks, factors and other financial institutions in evaluating collateral and identifying areas of weakness for over a decade. We perform over 600 field examinations each year in such industries as:

  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Contractors
  • Apparel
  • Textiles
  • Import & Export
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare

A Technological Advantage

Our field examinations are performed efficiently and effectively with the use of industry- standard ABL field examination tools, techniques and cutting-edge field examination software. Each examiner is equipped with notebook computers, modems and portable printers. Whether we use your template or ours, our standardized field examination methodology and exacting quality control standards ensures consistent reports. Our commitment is to issue the report within five business days from the completion of the fieldwork.

We licensed AssetWriter field examination software from FinSoft, LLC to automate ABL due diligence, save time and produce expert level reports and insights with summarized data and meaningful numbers analysis. FinSoft regularly updates AssetWriter to ensure that the program and Dopkins & Company is responsive to the industry and individual needs.

Types and Levels of Services We Provide

Our field examinations include:

  • Preloan surveys and recurring field examinations
  • Takeovers and prefunding examinations
  • Collateral monitoring engagements
  • Specific assignments or special procedures
  • Workouts and liquidations
  • Fraud investigations

Likewise, we offer different levels of service, depending on individual needs, including:

  • Supplemental examiners — When additional personnel or expertise is required, we can extend your current resources with our experienced team. Allow us to assist with work flow and balance your staff’s high travel requirements on a short-term notice.
  • Contract field examinations — We work with you to design and implement a risk-based credit monitoring approach to schedule recurring field examinations. Monitor examination frequency, credit quality, multiple locations, previous examination findings and scheduling of examinations.
  • Outsourcing — Effective time management, desired efficiencies and a reduction in fixed costs have led to the outsourcing of field examinations. Our experienced team handles the complete outsourcing of field examinations for multiple commercial lenders. Our responsibilities include the performance of the field examinations, monitoring of due dates and the scheduling of examinations, maintaining appropriate level of communication with the lender and the distribution of the examination report. Rely on the experience and expertise of Dopkins & Company to maintain sufficient, experienced field examiners while you pursue your business opportunities.
    We guarantee that we will meet our commitments on time and to your satisfaction or you do not pay.

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