New Main Street Lending Program Boosts Business Owners

Published April 9, 2020.


On Thursday, April 9, 2020, the Federal Reserve announced additional financing solutions up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support businesses, banks as well as state and local governments.  One solution in particular, the “Main Street Lending Program” will ensure that financial credit continues to be a source for small and mid-sized businesses.

The Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) will enhance support for small and mid-sized businesses that were in good financial standing before the COVID-19 crisis began, by offering loans to companies employing up to 10,000 workers or with revenues of less than $2.5 billion.

The MSLP offers two types of facilities – the Main Street New Loan Facility and the Main Street Expanded Loan Facility.  Businesses will apply for the MSLP through U.S. insured depository institutions, U.S. bank holding companies, and U.S. savings and loan holding companies.  Both facilities offer favorable loan terms including:

  • A four (4) year maturity
  • Interest rate SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate, currently 0.01%) + 250 to 400 basis points
  • Origination fee of 100 basis points
  • Principal and interest payments will be deferred for one year.
  • Prepayment permitted without penalty.
  • Eligible banks may originate new Main Street loans or use Main Street loans to increase the size of existing loans to businesses.
  • Firms seeking Main Street loans must commit to make reasonable efforts to maintain payroll and retain workers.
  • Borrowers must also follow compensation, stock repurchase, and dividend restrictions that apply to direct loan programs under the CARES Act.
  • Borrowers must attest that the loan proceeds are not being used to repay or refinance existing debt, with the exception of mandatory principal payments
  • Firms that have taken advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) under the CARES may also take out Main Street loans.

Main Street New Loan Facility

The Main Street New Loan Facility (MSNLF) will make 4-year loans to businesses with up to 10,000 employees or $2.5 billion in 2019 annual revenues.  The maximum loan amount will be limited to the lesser of (i) $25 million or (ii) an amount that, when added to the borrower’s existing outstanding and committed but undrawn debt, does not exceed four times the borrower’s 2019 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (“EBITDA”). Interest expense will be priced at SOFR + 250-400bps, with an additional 100bps origination fee.  Principal and interest payments can be deferred for one year.   Specific details from the Federal Reserve are available here.

The Main Street Expanded Loan Facility

The Main Street Expanded Loan Facility (MSELF) will make loans at the same terms as the new loan facility (MSNLF) above but will make loans in larger amounts. Specifically, loans are limited to the lesser of $150 million, 30% of the borrower’s undrawn bank debt, or 6x EBITDA. Specific details from the Federal Reserve are available here.

The Dopkins Financial Advisory Service Team is here to assist you in accessing liquidity and how to respond to changed business circumstances in light of COVID-19 while navigating the terms and conditions of the Main Street Lending Programs identified above.  In addition, our Dopkins SBA Loan Specialists are assisting business owners in applying for the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.  Details here.

Our team focuses on helping business owners and companies identify and secure short-term and long-term capital.  Whether it’s domestic or foreign A/R, inventory, purchase order, construction, mezzanine financing, term loans and equity, our team has multiple sources of financing that will provide solutions to our clients.

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